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I bought beef burgers only to find out they're not actually beef, they're soy burgers. I don't like them, so I want to try and spice them up and give them flavor. Can I defrost the burgers and make meat loaf with the soy meat? I have a good meat loaf recipe, but I am wondering if I can substitute the meat with the soy meat.

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I've removed the complaints about the specific product, because they're not really relevant to your question and because the product you named is most certainly beef; either you bought something else or you're mistaken about what you have. – Jefromi Sep 28 '13 at 20:54

If you hate the soy burgers, you will probably hate meatloaf made from them. Your best bet might be to defrost 1 or 2 burgers and mix them with ground beef (or whatever meat you use for meatloaf) with no more than 25% of the mix being the soy burgers. If you like your first meatloaf, you can always try a little bit higher percentage of the soy burgers next time. Since they're frozen, you have a bit of the luxury of time to use them up.

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