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I'm making my own Pad Thai sauce and I'm not sure if I should strain out the tamarind pulp or if it can stay in the sauce. Or is there some type of prepared tamarind which dissolves into the sauce so there's nothing to strain?

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The pulp is what you're actually trying to obtain from tamarind. What you should be trying to strain out is any seeds or any chunks too fibrous to be considered pulp. It is sometimes possible to add liquid and smash the tamarind several times to extract more and more (progressively diluted) pulp each time.

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Well I got what looks like a sticky block of fiber (sort of resembles tobacco using in hookah :-). What I would do is simmer it with palm sugar to obtain my final sauce. From what you're saying it seems I've been doing it right, correct? :-) –  VoY Oct 6 '13 at 17:51

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