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I've made a batch of honeycomb but I didn't quite get the temperature of the sugar right. Now it seems to have the consistency of toffee.

What can I do with this honeycomb? It would seem a bit of a waste to just through it away...

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I am not sure that everybody will recognize what "honeycomb" is, I had to look it up. And even without that, it would be better to post the recipe you followed just to know what you have now. – rumtscho Oct 13 '13 at 11:46
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It might be possible to dissolve the candy, and then boil it down again, foaming it with fresh baking soda when it hits the proper stage. The thing is, the candy has already got the full level of baking soda reactants (either sodium carbonate or sodium oxide) from from the first cooking, which may contribute to some off flavors.

Instead, if it is enjoyable as is, I would suggest just eating it as a toffee like candy.

Otherwise, chalk it up to experience and watch the temperature more closely next time.

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Do the hokey pokey. Smack it into small pieces and mix with plain soft icecream, re-freeze, and the kids will love it

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