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I live in a Motorhome and only have a butane gas burner. Cooking over a butane gas burner is all I have and is limiting using just a pan for recipes. Does anyone have experience investing in and using a Dutch oven on this type of little butane gas stove? Any suggestions on recommend cookware is welcomed.

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I don't think that it is a good investment. Without a real oven, you won't be able to bake or roast in the Dutch oven. Unlike historic applications, where the Dutch oven was buried in embers and could warm the food inside from all directions, a Dutch oven on a gas burner functions pretty much like a thick-walled pot.

Using it will let you make stews, soups, and some sauces. If you want to make sweet things, you will able to make cremes and syrups in it, but without an oven, you are limited to only combining these with fried dough and griddle/flatpan items like crepes. Many classic types of pastry require baking in an oven. And for both sweet and savory, there is not that much difference between a Dutch oven and a normal pot. It will give you a more even heating, but it will respond sluggishly to temperature changes in the burner. An advanced cook can use this property well, but if you are limited to a very small selection of cookware, there is no need to get both a pot and a Dutch oven, and out of the two, the pot is cheaper and easier to handle. So, my recommendation: get a pot instead.

If you want to cook more and your budget allows it, consider buying a toaster oven with a 30x30cm cavity. These take up very little space, and are cheap (mine was 50 Eur). They are good for baking practically everything - pizza, cakes, roasts, etc. I have never had a regular oven since I left my parents' home 11 years ago, and have made some pretty advanced stuff in the toaster oven. It is definitely a good investment.

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Hmm...My initial reaction was to poo-poo, even downvote this answer. Then I read it. That should be worth two upvotes. – Jolenealaska Oct 15 '13 at 10:19
@Jolenealaska thank you for reading, then :) – rumtscho Oct 15 '13 at 11:13
I'm more often than not, living off the grid, so would you recommend a thick base pot made from copper or something else oh with a lid and even heat distribution – Michelle Oct 15 '13 at 16:28
@Michelle - Ah! Then what you need is a portable propane oven designed for camping: – RI Swamp Yankee Dec 19 '13 at 14:01

If you have access to electricity, an inexpensive slow cooker from any discount retailer would be more economical than heating a cast-iron pot with butane, and can easily handle the stews and braises typically associated with the dutch oven. I'd save the butane stove for a small skillet... the local restaurant supply store will have inexpensive models of excellent quality... and use that to sauté and sear the ingredients as required before putting them in the slow cooker.

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If you love braised, stewed, pot-roasted applications, a good Dutch oven might be the best $30 you'll ever spend (that's Lodge, not Le Creuset). However, if you want more variety, rumtscho's recommendation of a toaster oven is good advice. If I were going to run off in a motor home, I'd hope to take a Dutch Oven (Lodge), a toaster oven, a small non-stick skillet and a large, professional type (all-clad or similar) saute pan. Forks would be optional.

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Very clever,,,maybe I'll just bring a chef with me, honestly I wouldn't know what or how to use all of the above mentioned. But I do like he apron fashion now a days LOL and thanks – Michelle Oct 15 '13 at 16:18
HeeHee The funny thing here is I was being dead serious. I usually get in trouble for joking....I wasn't joking here...If I had to choose 4 pieces of cookware to take with me in a motor home, the four pieces I listed would be my choice. (I realize that your question didn't allow for four, but I just kind of ran with it) – Jolenealaska Oct 15 '13 at 16:29

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