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Dates left on counter for few days have formed liquid in botton of dish have they spoiled?

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It sounds like they were drooling. You should date a better class of people. Seriously, what kind of dates? Fresh? Dried? Do you have a photo? – SAJ14SAJ Oct 18 '13 at 8:58

My mother often sends me dates from halfway around the world; they usually spend a few days in transit (in a little plastic bag, unwrapped), after which I keep them in some drawer or other for months. At home, we leave our dates outside in 90+ degree, humid weather. I'm not sure what you did to yours, but if the liquid did actually come from the dates, it certainly wasn't because they were left out overnight..

And anyway, even if you left them out for months, my experience has been that dates start to dry out before they spoil.

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