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Im making beer bread and only have blue moon or leineys lemon shandy. Would these work without a fruity flavor overpowering the bread?

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I've made beer bread with Dreamweaver Wheat (gave it a sweet banana-like flavor), Sunshine Pils (a nice savory hoppy flavor), and Guinness (a darker bread with those dark bread flavors). All of them worked out well on their own.

I wouldn't recommend Summer Shandy because it's sort of an "adulterated" beer (part beer, part spiked lemonade) and it would probably be too sweet, but Blue Moon is likely fine.

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I've made rather good bread with Hoegaarden, so I assume any witbier like Blue Moon would be fine. There is a noticeable flavor contribution, but it isn't overpowering or unpleasant (unless you don't like witbier, I guess). I don't think I'd use the shandy, but it wouldn't necessarily be overpowering - the bread would probably just taste somewhat lemony.

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