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I wonder if running your cornmeal (dry) through a blender for a couple of minutes might break it down a little? Like when you want finer sugar.

Note: taken from a deleted answer to How do I eliminate cornmeal grittiness?

There are many instructions on the internet for grinding dent corn (field corn) in a blender, so it is likely to work. I have not tried it, though, so I am not making this an actual answer. –  SAJ14SAJ Nov 22 '13 at 21:31

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In theory it's possible. However, not all blenders are created equal. This link mentions doing it, but in my experience to blend something into a super fine powder (a flour-like consistency) you need a really powerful machine like a Vita-mix. Also you may get inconsistencies in texture with a blender. This is one reason professional coffee bars use burr grinders instead of blade grinders: to achieve a consistent grind.


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