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I'd like to make it from scratch, but haven't got a clue where to start. What herbs would go well with steak?

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You can search for a recipe using "red wine garlic steak sauce".

To invent your own, start with your main ingredients.
Pour some red wine into a bowl.
Mince some garlic and add it.
Add a pinch of salt.
Take a good smell.
Use a spoon to taste it (before adding to the meat obviously).
Smell some of your other spices.
Pick one that smells good with the sauce and add a pinch.
Taste and smell again (if you are cooking for others, use a clean spoon each time).
If you can't taste the difference, add a little more.

Tweak the flavor balance. For example, if you want it be sweeter, add some sugar; more sour, add some lemon juice; more spicy, add some pepper.

Now you can either marinate the steak in it, or reduce it down to become a sauce. Cooking will change the flavors a bit, so don't over spice but leave some room to tweak more after reducing the sauce.

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Great suggestion! I like to (sometimes) save half the marinade for reducing to a sauce, while marinating the steak in the other half :) Of course, if I bought a really good cut of meat from a butcher I trust, I generally just lightly salt and pepper and then grill. But that's not very relevant to this question :) –  stephennmcdonald Aug 2 '10 at 16:39

Personally, when using red wine and/or garlic with steak, I'd probably include shallots (careful with the amount if you're also using garlic) and rosemary. I also like celery salt, which I feel is pretty underused by most cooks.

edit: I've used this recipe before and was pleased with the result:


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