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I am trying to make Gordon Ramsay's Bloody Mary Linguine. The recipe here has a nice close up picture of the finished product. There are big pieces of white bread crumbs, fried to golden brown in a pan. In his video, he pours out a big fluffy pieces of white bread crumbs from a jar.

What kind of bread crumb is this? I went out and bought a bottle of "plain bread crumbs" but it turned out to be very fine, sand-like crumbs that looked like this. I understand that the color comes from the brown crust, but what about the texture?

Because the crumbs are too fine and sand-like, it seems pointless cooking them like what the recipe recommends. What kind of crumb would give me the same texture?

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According to his book, he specifies just "white breadcrumbs".

If you're having trouble finding some, you could look for panko style bread crumbs. This is the brand that's available around here, but your mileage may vary. It's a larger Asian style breadcrumb made without the crusts. It gives it a lighter texture. I suspect that is a lot closer to what he's using in the video.

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I suspect these are fresh breadcrumbs, made from processing bread which is stale or perhaps day old, but not completely dried out. – SAJ14SAJ Dec 17 '13 at 5:18
I guess he is using fresh, self-made breadcrumbs. But Panko breadcrumbs close to the look. Thanks! – Legendre Dec 20 '13 at 20:35

I would be very surprised if he bought ready-made bread crumbs.

What would be normal in this part of the world (and indeed, what it looks like in the video) is to just get a normal white loaf (ie. sliced bread for making sandwiches) and whizz it in a food processor. This way also allows you to get whatever size crumb you desire.

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