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I know that Ayurvedaic medicine and many more non-conventional medicinal disciplines claim that spices are healthy for you. This seems to have been excepted as a given by modern western society, I have read in so many places that for example anis seeds are good for digestion. Is anyone aware of proofs of this theory, in serious scientific journals?

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Have a look at marksdailyapple.com . The guy who runs this site reviews many(!) scientific articels and studies concerning food/lifestyle/sport. He also gives his thoughts about the stuff he found. Very interesting and useful site! Just type the spices you are interested in in the search and find out what he writes about it.

If you want to do the research by yourself: Have a look at PubMed.

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Thanks for the answer, it looks interesting –  dan12345 Dec 19 '13 at 12:48

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