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How many minutes should you increase the baking time when baking two loaves of beer bread at same time? Recipe calls for one loaf to bake at 375 for 50-55 minutes. Not sure how much time to add when baking a second loaf - do not want doughy, raw bread in the middle of the loaf. Any help would be appreciated!

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Unless your oven is dramatically under powered, you should not need to adjust the bake time at all—and if it is so under powered, maybe because it is a counter top oven, you should only bake one loaf at a time.

Put the loaves in the oven with at least a hand's width of distance or so, allowing the air to circulate between the loaves.

Note that bread should be cooked until it is done, not just to a certain amount of time. Your recipe should provide a doneness test such as a target internal temperature (preferably), or how to gauge by the color of the crust development.

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