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I always make my own custard when I bake Portuguese Tarts but want to take a shortcut. Can I use store bought custard to make Portuguese Tarts? What kind of custard do I need to buy? Should be at the room temperature before I bake?

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Are you asking about something similar to this: allrecipes.com/recipe/… If so, it appears to be a standard custard. While you could use a custard mix or buy a custard, since this is the star of the pastry, the quality of your outcome might suffer. Custard is fast and easy to make; if you want a short cut, I would buy puff pastry or pie dough for the shell. –  SAJ14SAJ Dec 25 '13 at 8:51
@SAJ14SAJ: Thanks, yes, that's a similar recipe to the one I use. I was just wondering if the store bought thick custard would do the trick –  Divi Dec 25 '13 at 11:30
Without knowing the ingredients and method used to make the custard, it's not possible to know how it will react to being reheated. –  DrRandy Jun 24 at 20:35

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