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I have a glass-ceramic stove (Ceran), and I did spill some milk on it, which of course instantly burnt itself onto the surface. It seems resistant to any mild way of removing it, and I'm not sure how harsh I can try to remove it without damaging the glass-ceramic surface.

What is the easiest way to remove such burnt milk from a glass-ceramic stove without damaging it?

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Soak with full strength Ammonia in a sponge or paper towel for about half an hour. Then try a Scotch scouring pad, their green may be soft enough to not scratch. Full strength ammonia is hard on the lungs, try to not breath it in. – Optionparty Jan 6 '14 at 1:47
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There are a couple things you can try. I'll list them from most conservative to

  • Let it cool. Squeeze some cleaning paste on it, and cover with a
    paper towel. Wet the towel, let it soak, then buff it with the paper towel or a non-scratch scouring pad.
  • Magic Eraser-type melamine foam sponge
  • Plastic razor blade scraper, sometimes called "Safe Scraper" sold at hardware and automotive stores
  • Metal razor blade scraper
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