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I was given a set of mini-pizza pans for making personal sized pizzas, but I noticed these pans don't have handles or ridges around the edge like my larger pizza pan to grip with my oven mitt. I don't have a pizza peel, so I'm wondering what the best alternative method for getting the pizza out of the oven with equipment I probably already have around the kitchen?

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I wouldn't use a pizza peel anyway, it may not take the weight and it's too slippery. – GdD Jan 8 '14 at 19:17

You can use a spatula or tongs to pull pizzas off of a pizza pan/stone in the oven onto an upside down baking sheet, cutting board, or even a plate, assuming your pans are just flat surfaces, like a pizza stone.

You can also assemble pizzas on the upside down baking pan and slide them off it onto the stone in the oven.

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If you are cooking on the pizza pan, you can simply grab the edge with tongs and slide it over the front of the rack onto a larger pan or plate.

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