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I'm shopping for a new 16 to 20 quart induction-compatible stock pot and seem to be having a hard time finding one that has handles that are not welded. I've read in various Amazon reviews that welds can weaken and break, and if true, nobody wants a pot of scalding water spilling all over themselves.

Is this true? Assuming so, is there an induction stock pot that has screwed or riveted handles?

The two pots I'm looking at are the Update International SPS-20 and the Winware Stainless Steel one.

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the information you seek is on the pages you gave links to...read further to the bottom and into the customer reviews and Q&A. –  Cos Callis Jan 10 '14 at 19:41
Long story short: As long as it was properly welded (read: manufactured), you don't need to worry. –  Anpan Jan 10 '14 at 22:46

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Assuming that there were stock pots manufactured with handles that broke off, they would likely have been recalled by the CPSC.

It appears that the CPSC has only ever recalled one stock pot that was based on a single report of a handle breaking off. The problematic stock pot was sold by a liquidation company. Based on this, I'd assume that any NSF certified stock pot that you buy from a reputable retailer is going to be safe.

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