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I have two cookie recipes that I plan to enter into a competition. Both of them call for dropping balls of cookie dough onto the sheet pan and then squashing them to 1/4". If I want to make the dough ahead of time and freeze, can I roll the dough into a tube and freeze that way and then slice 1/4" slices when I'm ready to bake them? Or is there a reason I should squash them?

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From a food science point of view, in terms of the quality of flavor and the texture of the cookies, there is little reason to choose slicing over squashing; both will give very similar outcomes.

You may find the aesthetics or appearance of the cookies will be slightly different with the two methods. The sliced cookies will be more regular, especially if you cut them with dental floss; they will be quite round and even edged. The squashed cookies will be more irregular at the edges and perhaps show more texture on top.

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Thank you. I like the more even look anyway and hopefully the judges will too. :) – Brooke Jan 18 '14 at 23:30

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