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As I've mentioned in another question, I'm attempting to make a large block of gelatin. Unfortunately, my first few attempts come out a bit amber in hue, using just water, sugar, gelatin and clear flavoring.

After some research, I found a video on making clear gelatin in which they:

  1. used a different brand of gelatin
  2. bloomed the gelatin in less liquid than I had
  3. added citric acid
  4. heated it for quite some time

I suspect that they also used a lower gelatin to water ratio. (I need this quite stiff, as it'll be an unsupported cube about 10 inches (25cm) on each side.)

In looking at their images, I think that there's still a little hue to their solution, but I'm not sure which of the differences are most significant to the process. Does anyone know?

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I should also add -- after watching the video and reading some other articles, I heated back up my gelatin and held it at 180°F for about 30 min ... I think it cleared up some, but it's still darker than I'd like ... also, I'm using about 2TB of Knox gelatin per cup of water. I also have a canister of Great Lakes kosher gelatin if that would make a difference. –  Joe Jan 22 at 17:31
Is this something that absolutely has to be gelatin? In my experience gelatin is usually a bit yellowish without adding any coloring. If you can get away with using agar-agar though, it's much more clear (and can be made very stiff). –  sourd'oh Jan 22 at 17:31
@sourd'oh : I wish I had known that before I started ... I'm trying to get this done for a contest on Friday, so I'd have today and tomorrow to try to source alternatives (which might be problematic for more rare items) –  Joe Jan 22 at 17:36
Agar is pretty easy to find at health food stores, if that helps. It's really easy to use and is much more stable than gelatin once it sets (and I think the flavor is also a lot more neutral). If you can't find it, I think the kosher gelatin might be your best bet, as it's usually made from fish (if I'm not mistaken). –  sourd'oh Jan 22 at 17:42
@sourd'oh : blah ... all of the agar that Amazon has listed as 'prime elligible' that they claim will ship to me by Thursday if I order within (x) hours, when you go to the individual item pages they say it'll get to me by Friday. I might have to dig out the driveway to get to a health food store. –  Joe Jan 22 at 18:07

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I've used konnyaku it's a japanese gel-type dessert you make from powder. it's crystal clear. it looks like solid water. it's rubbery as directed, but you might use more water or less powder to get the texture you want. here's a photo of what it looks like, but they've got fruit (?) in the gel that makes it look colors. http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m255/hijackqueen/Cooking/konnyaku002.jpg

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