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I ended up simmering the zest of 6 oranges (peeled with a vegetable peeler, so there was still a small amount of pith) without rinsing at all. When they were tender, I added the supremed segments of those oranges and simmered the everything for another half hour. I strained the syrup and gave the solids a bit of a whir in the food processor.

I have just enough puree for one more cake, and this lovely orange syrup. I used a lot of sugar. I can't guesstimate how much sugar because I just kept adding it until I got the level of sweetness I want, but the viscosity of the strained syrup is like Aunt Jemima pancake syrup.

I'll bake the cake again in 3 or 4 weeks. Will the puree and syrup last that long in the fridge? Or should I freeze it?

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Better safe than sorry. You haven't measured the absolute sugar or acidity levels. Freezing it will do no harm. –  SAJ14SAJ Jan 29 at 1:47
@SAJ14SAJ Add that as an answer and I'll upvote it. Barring another great answer within a week or so and I'll accept it. In the meantime, I'm freezing it. –  Jolenealaska Jan 29 at 2:28

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