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I have a ceramic oil bottle that I don't use. It's just not as convenient as I hoped it would be. I'd like to donate it, but it still has an oil residue inside it. It has a long curved neck so sticking a bottle brush inside it isn't an option. Is there a way to get the oil out or are my only options throwing it out or donating it with the oil residue?

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You can pour water and detergent inside, let it sit that way for a day to soften, then clean it by shaking the detergent solution vigorously and then filling it with water and emptying until the water comes out non-soapy. This should work, unless you let it sit for a long time empty, but with the residue of polyunsaturated oils inside. In that case, they can have gummed up.

If the brush problem comes because a straight brush can be stuck inside, but can't reach the nooks and the bottom, you could use a curved brush. These are sold to homebrewers in large sizes, I don't know if they are available for single bottles too.

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I did try soaking it before I posted and when I finished rinsing it, the water came out clear so I thought I had done it. Sadly, when I put it upside down to dry, the counter ended up with oil all over. :( I will look for the curved brush though. Maybe that'll be a better solution. – Brooke Jan 31 '14 at 20:08

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