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What would be the best way for replacing egg wash when baking bread?
I've tried unsweetened soy milk but it didn't brown that well.

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Is this just to make something brown when baked, or is it to get something else to adhere (such as when breading something for frying?) –  Joe Feb 4 at 16:15
@Joe I'd definitely say that it's the aesthetic bit and the difference in bite with a nice browning. –  INT Feb 4 at 16:54

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You could always try using vegetable, corn, or light/regular olive oil, vegan margarine, or light corn syrup thinned with a bit of water (to prevent over browning):

I also saw something here that mentioned the use of soy milk, but you said it didn't brown well. If it didn't brown at all, then it is most likely because you were using unsweetened soy milk (remember, sugar browns when exposed to heat).

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