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I recently bought some baked goods (corn break I think) from Fred Meyers, and it seesm to be baked right in the plastic container it came in.

Is this safe?

This question makes it seems like this is unsafe? How dangerous is it to bake food with plastic?

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How do you know that they were baked in the container that you found them in? Or are you saying that they come with instructions for you to bake them in that container? – Aaronut Mar 8 '14 at 18:59
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There are plastic oven bags like this

salmon in oven bags


that can be used at tempearatures at least up to 200°C. I am sure that there should be equivalent baking pans with similar properties for baking goods.

As a conclusion, referring to your link to another question: It depends on whether the plastic is supposed to be backed or not. The questioner of the other thread said he had forgotton to remove a piece of plastic that he had been supposed to. In your case: It is very likely save.

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Evidently, based on a review at Cook's Illustrated (paywall, but some content is visible), there do exist disposable plastic baking pans that are safe up to 400 F--and many baked goods are baked at or below that temperature.

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The question I ask myself when I see tempting food cooked in plastic is "How likely is the purveyor to have taken safety concerns into account when purchasing the containers and prepping the food?" – Wayfaring Stranger Mar 8 '14 at 14:12

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