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I've been reading a lot of recipes of "verace pizza" which consistently go off the original recipe (source: Verace Pizza):

  • Water 1000 ml
  • Salt 50-55 g
  • Yeast 3 grams. (!)
  • Flour 1.7/1.8 kg
  • Mix for 10 min. Knead for 20 min (!)
  • First rise for 2 hours (!)
  • Make 180 g - 250 g balls.
  • Second rise 6 hours (!!!)

Based on this, the hydration is between 59% and 56%, way off the 65% i see in common recipes. Also, the quantity of yeast is way above the extremely low amount the "official" recipe claims. But i believe this is because the extremely long rest time it allows the yeast to develop properly, so it has sense for a home pizza to be prepared with more yeast to compensate the lesser amount of time invested on it.

So, do you guys do any pizza with this low hydratation level? (less than 60%) and low amount of yeast? How have you adapted the "pizzeria" version to be as true as possible to the vera pizza parameters for home baking?


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Slow rise allows the enzymes to develope a more complex flavor. And of course "San Marzano" tomatoe sauce, basil, and olive oil. –  Optionparty Mar 15 '14 at 19:34

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