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I've never seen anyone do that until yesterday. So I wanted to know is this appropriate for when preparing apples for any meal, how about other fruits? Unlike plates, fruits can absorb chemicals.

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Make sure you tell the person you saw doing that to either bump up their life insurance coverage or else stop it. – Pointy Mar 26 '14 at 16:47
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No, you would not use a detergent or soap when washing fruit.

Normally, you would just wash them with water, using a brush on thick skinned produce.

See, for example, Best Ways to Wash Fruits and Vegetables from the University of Maine extension.

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From what I hear though, there do exist apple exporting companies who wash the apples in soapy water to get rid of germs and pesticides. – Iancovici Mar 27 '14 at 11:06
"Pure soap" (as is also used eg in gardening) does not equal "Any dishwashing detergent that happens to be handy". – rackandboneman Jan 8 at 13:58

Just soak your fruits in mild hot water and that should take out any residual items on the fruit

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