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I am very new to baking, so this may be a bit of an obvious question, but: My daughter wants an airplane shaped chocolate cake for her birthday. I have seen various ideas where you bake a cake, then cut it into pieces and assemble them. But I was thinking, could I make an airplane-shaped mold, put the mixture in, and bake it whole? Would I have a problem with the thin parts like the tail & wings being overdone while the middle of the fuselage is still uncooked? Would there be any other issues I need to be aware of? Cheers!

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related : – Joe Apr 6 '14 at 21:44

Yes, you would have a problem whereby thinner parts would cook quicker than thicker ones. You are much better off cooking uniform cakes (sheet cakes are ideal) and cutting them to shape.

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Agreed ... and depending on the type of plane being made, it might be better to use cake for the body, and cookies for the tail fins. If it's a large plane with low wings, then just use a sheet cake for wings ... if it's something like a piper cub, use cardboard or cookie (or cookie supported by cardboard) – Joe Apr 6 '14 at 21:49

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