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Yesterday we had bagna cauda at a friend's house. It was too much, so everyone went home with a leftovers bottle (around 1 liter).
Will it ruin if I freeze it?

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You can freeze cream, but it will undergo some separation issues. When you thaw it you can shake or mix it to reintegrate the milk solids that have separated. Unfortunately, it will not regain the same mouth feel as never frozen liquid dairy. Basically I never freeze dairy that I want to drink, only things I will be cooking with or baking with.

In the case of this dip, I assume it will be reheated when you want to eat it, so I would say that you can freeze it and when you reheat spend some time with a whisk to recombine fully.

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Isn't bagna cauda oil, anchovies, and butter. I would say yes to freezing but whisk once back to room temperature and don't be surprised if texture changes.

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No butter. And to freeze it was an awful idea, it was impossible to recombine... – The Disintegrator Jan 20 '11 at 16:52

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