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Certain brands of carrot juice taste sweeter than any raw carrot I ever eaten, yet are made only of carrots, with no added sweeteners. Are carrots sold in supermarkets just not ripe?

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Roast a carrot and see how sweet it is. That sugar is in there, it's just unavailable to taste since it's tied up in the fibre. Juicing gets rid of the fibre. – Chris Cudmore Jul 6 '12 at 17:03

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If you juice your own carrots you would see how sweet your carrots actually are.

When you juice a carrot, you are extracting the liquid portion (which contains the majority of the sugars) from the cellulose. Since the cellulose is somewhat flavorless — it tastes pretty much like paper pulp — you are essentially creating "concentrated carrot" flavor, which is why it tastes so much sweeter than when you eat it whole.

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Carrots have a high sugar content.

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