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I'm making a dish that calls for six cardamom pods added while cooking. After the dish cooks, should I make the effort to locate and remove the pods? I'm assuming they're like Bay Leaves, unpleasant to chomp on but otherwise harmless.

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It should be fine to leave them in, but I prefer to not have the chewy pod. I just slighty crush the pods on one end, and expose the seeds that are inside, and kind of pour them into what I'm making. The pods are pretty much hollow inside and the seeds are lose, so its easy to dispatch them this way.

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I eat them, they're delicious.

some people will put the pods in their mouth and squeeze the seeds and eat that. I eat both skin and seeds. I'm hardcore, I know

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+1 I'm the same. Eat the whole thing, it's tasty and won't harm you at all. – Noldorin Aug 28 '10 at 11:30

I think it depends on the dish. If it is a biryani or other rice dish, I'd be ok leaving them in because they are easy for the eater to see and remove. But if it is a wet curry for example, I'd probably do what Manako says - extract the seeds at the beginning rather than try to fish around for the pod later.

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I leave them in but warn your guests or whoever is eating it that they are there so they don't have any nasty surprises!

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