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In this question of mine I didn't know what to call the specific type/species of eggplant that is commonly found in American grocery stores. What is this called?

It looks like:


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"The most familiar Eggplants to us, the large dark purple ones, are called "Black Bell" or "Purple Globe." They're also called Globe Eggplant, Western Eggplant and American Eggplant. It's not known who exactly it was that thought this Eggplant was shaped anything like a globe."

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This type of eggplant may be called Globe or American. The specific variety sold in grocery stores in the US is typically Black Beauty.

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From my part of the world (India) in english it is Brinjal. In my native tongue it globe shaped Brinjal is called 'Gutti Vankaya' a very popular dish in Andhra and there is a song on this vegetable :)

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