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What is the best way to store dark chocolate to preserve chocolate and flavour?

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I'm guessing in your stomach doesn't count as storage? – Joe Sep 17 '10 at 6:42

Chocolate should be stored in a cool, dry area whenever possible. A cold basement or wine cellar is perfect.

Moist environments, including the refrigerator, can cause the chocolate to bloom. This is when the cocoa butter separates and you start to see a white film at the top. It's actually still safe to eat this way and won't even affect the flavour much, it just looks a little odd.

That said, even tempered chocolate (i.e. baking chocolate squares) will melt at hotter room temperatures, so if the air is humid or you're in a hot climate, you'll typically want to refrigerate. Also, if you've just melted the chocolate to make a coating and haven't tempered it, then you must refrigerate it as it will melt even at colder room temperatures.

Otherwise, it's best not to refrigerate. It will generally keep for a year or more at 55-60° F (about 13-15° C).

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