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A specialty grocery store recently started to carry a Bacalhau (heavily salted cod fish) - I'm guessing that a recipe I have for Baked Codfish would work. My question is since it is so heavily salted what should I do to prep it for cooking?

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For posterity, a recipe for Baked Codfish will NOT work. – FuzzyChef Aug 12 '12 at 21:02

Basically it depends on how much salt (not how little water) there is in the fish. Here in Galicia and northern Portugal we usually soak it for 12 hours or so, changing the water once or twice. That will yield a slightly salty and tangy fish. If you don't like the salty edge and prefer it blander, soak it for 18 hours or so.

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Depends on the dryness of it. Sometimes it's completely dessicated, which means you need to soak it for a couple of days, changing the water frequently.

Sometimes it's a bit moist and spongy, in which case you can shorten the soaking to about 24 hours, again changing the water frequently.

Or, you can just buy fresh cod.

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The fish will rehydrate in a couple of hours at most; the long soaking is useful only to extract the salt from it. Also, I disagree with your suggestion to buy fresh cod in substitution: salted cod and fresh cod are two different things, like fresh apricots and dried apricots. They have different uses, they are used differently, and they result in very different dishes. – CesarGon Sep 24 '10 at 17:00

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