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I've made latkas and used flour as the binder, no egg. I placed the patties on an oiled baking sheet and cooked them in the oven at 375F for about 30 mins. When I pulled them out, they were quite stuck to the surface (although not burnt).

The latka ingredients (beets and carrots, in this case) had a lot of sugars in them, and I think this may have contributed.

What would help to make them stick less? Cooking for longer time at a lower temperature? Sprinkling some flour directly on the baking sheet in addition to the oil? Using more oil?

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Honestly, the best answer to this is don't do it in the oven. They are so much better fried up crispy in a frying pan. I know they are lower fat in the oven. For me personally, I'd rather have them a couple times a year and be great, then more frequently and have them be "meh". Here is my recipe: – Michael at Herbivoracious Sep 25 '10 at 2:38
thanks michael. it's not just a health issue it's also a scaling issue; the time to bake 30 latkes is << the time to fry them! probably cheaper in terms of resources, too. (you latkes do look lovely, however!). i feel like there must be some science to minimizing sticking... – jessykate Sep 26 '10 at 13:29

You could try using silicone pads such as the Silpat. I've never tried it with latkes, but we've used it to make Parmesean crisps, cookies, etc.

But I agree with Michael that frying them is the best. :)

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silpats, in my experience, work with everything. – daniel Sep 25 '10 at 6:27

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