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I bought a box of frozen chicken nuggets and baked them in my oven according to the instructions on the box.

However, the taste a bit dry and I feel they are not as good as those sold in KFC.

There are still a lot of them frozen in the fridge. So how can I make them more tasty?

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You could always make your own –  hobodave Sep 26 '10 at 3:26
Obtain & use a deep fryer. In a pinch, a dutch oven will work, but keep an eye on the fry thermometer. –  derobert Sep 29 '10 at 17:32

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I've found there isn't a whole lot you can do to make them tasty -- frozen food is, to me at least, a "oh no, I'm drunk and it's 3am and I want something to eat without driving" food, or a "oh no, it's 3am and I've forgotten to eat because I'm studying and I want something to eat without driving" food. What you can do, however, is let them defrost a little bit and then add spices (I add cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes, but I am also not putting a large amount of effort into it at that point) before cooking them.

Note: I have no idea how safe this actually is, but it seems to work okay.

Another thing you can do is use them with other things. Chop up the chicken nuggets and mix them into fried rice or whatever. Depending on the type of chicken nugget, you can slice them into thin chicken nuggets and put them on a sandwich (with a little mayo, lettuce, onion, etc)

Edit: I also forgot to mention sauce. Chicken nuggets are pretty bland, so if you make an awesome sauce to dip them in it can mask the (lack of) flavor pretty well.

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Partially defrosting them to add spices should be perfectly safe (assuming you use a safe defrosting method). And, honestly, for something as small as chicken nuggets, it'd be hard to come up with an unsafe method... Even leaving them on the counter would only take fifteen minutes, I'd think, and that's well under the time required to compromise food safety. And, of course, you're cooking after that. –  derobert Sep 29 '10 at 17:37

You could try covering up the taste with a sauce, but to get an authentic fast-food flavor, you'll need to deep fry them instead.

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At our restaurant chicken nuggets were the extra piece of breast between the wing drum and the breast. we coated them with a bit of drymix(APF + cayenne + salt + pepper + some secret spices) and a touch of buttermilk. After being deep fried, they'd be thrown right away into a Cajun, light sauce, and covered for 10 minutes.

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Spices and frying in oil make them much better. I think pan-frying with vegetable oil is enough to make them a bit crispy without deep-frying. Spice to taste and you're in great shape.

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Defrost them in the microwave partially, then fry them with some butter. Add some fresh cracked salt and pepper with a bit of cajun and you have a master piece. Dont forget to pull out the sweet and sour sauce and barbecue to really kick it up. yaaa buddy!

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Add curry powder. It's not fast food style, but it's delicious.

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I'm not being facetious here but you may as well just go the whole hog and sprinkle some MSG on them.

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