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If I have fresh limes on hand but not fresh lemons, can I use the limes to make hollandaise and mayonnaise? Assuming it works, what effect will the lime juice have on flavor and texture?

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Yes, it will work. The texture won't be different but the flavor will be significantly different. It will taste like lime hollandaise. :-P

I imagine a lime hollandaise would taste great on fish and other seafood. I'm not entirely sure what you would do with lime mayonnaise though.

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Sandwiches? I picked up a jar of lime mayo down in SoCal a while back, did a nice job of making bologna sandwiches more interesting. Seems to be a Mexican thing, so I suppose you could throw in some carne adobada or something. – Shog9 Sep 29 '10 at 19:37

Yes of course you can. As hobodave says above, lime hollandaise would be lovely with seafood, specifically crustaceans, scallops, and skate. Lime mayonnaise would, I think, be lovely in any dish using Mexican or Tex-Mex flavour profiles.

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+1 for the tex-mex with a little cilantro. – Sobachatina Sep 29 '10 at 14:56

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