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When we bought our cow this year, we opted to take all the organ meat. So, I now have a bunch of beef liver, I don't actually like beef liver cooked with onions or any other preparation I've encountered. I do however like liverwurst, and braunschweiger. Both of these sausages are traditional made with pork liver. I've never encountered pork liver in any other form though, so I don't know how it tastes by comparison.

Are the two livers roughly itnterchangable in other ways? Fat content, texture, etc. How do they compare flavor wise? Am I doomed if I try and make sausage out of beef liver?

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Last time I had pork liver I was a kid, but I remember it being strong flavored (compared to the beef liver with onions I occasionally still eat). If it's any inspiration, the Braunschweiger sausage is sometimes made with just beef liver. – papin Oct 15 '10 at 1:16
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Well, at least here in germany it really is common to make liverwurst with beef liver (or more often and expensive: calf liver). So go ahead - you really won't regret it! Taken the percentage of actual liver in liverwurst you won't taste any difference, though I'd say beef liver tastes better.

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The classic Jewish chopped liver is (obviously) not made with pork liver. And it is delicious. I would be confident subbing beef liver into any pate or sausage preparation.

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