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I bought some kimchi from the local oriental market for a dish I prepared (bibimbap), but the smallest container they had was a quart, so I have maybe ~90% of it left. Besides using it in stir-fry, are there any other uses for it?

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Eat it as is, like you would picked cucumbers

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My favorite Korean place serves it primarily as a side dish like this. Plate it up and eat it. +1 –  Preston Fitzgerald Jun 22 at 5:48

You can also make a kimchi pajun(pancake). Here's an online recipe for a basic pajun...you can add kimchi to it...or lots of other stuff.

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I am no Korean, but one dish (stew) I always have @ Korean Restaurant is Kimchi Stew. I found a very simple recipe for Korean Kimchichigae.


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If you want to stick with Korean dishes, you could make yourself a nice kimchee jigae. I like it on pizza, as well. Also, one of my favorite things to do with it is chop it up, heat it up in an egg pan with a mix of olive oil and a tiny amount of sesame oil, then scramble some eggs with it.

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Mix your kimchi with some sugar, Korean red pepper paste(go chu chang) & sesame oil to taste, then mix it into some buckwheat noodles. Its a saucy noodle salad Korean style.

Bibim Naeng-myun Spicy Buckwheat Noodles 비빔냉면

give it a try

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in Asia they use it a lot in soups, try it out!

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Served on hot boiled rice with sesame seeds sprinkled on top - the ultimate beer snack.

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I use kimchi with sandwiches fairly regularly. I usually use it where bacon would belong. For instance, a turkey sandwich on french bread with kimchi and optionally mayo is great. Today I tried adding green olives as well, which went surprisingly well.

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I have started my 2nd batch of homemade kimchi - mild not spicy so my wife can eat it.

Here is how I used the last of the 1st batch: In an individual large serving bowl, I placed a bed of cooked rice (about a cup), about 1/2 cup of kimchi, some bbq ribs and topped it off with some bbq sauce. It was really good - I have made this recipe twice now and it is fantastic. I will try substituting chicken for the ribs and I'll bet that is just as good.

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