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In the answers to this question one of the suggestions is to marinate some cheese.

This is not something I have heard of before. I was wondering what cheeses are suitable, and are there any special considerations that need to be made?

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A lot of cheeses are naturally brined (feta, for example), and marinating cheese is not much different. For the best effect:

  • Pick a porous cheese
  • Cut off the edges if the cheese has a skin
  • Cut into smaller pieces to increase the penetration
  • Press it dry with towels (or paper towels)
  • You can inject the cheese to get more flavour in it
  • Marinate in flavours that compliment the cheese
  • Let the cheese soak for at least 4 hours (more for less porous cheeses)

If the cheese is really wet (like feta), add weights to the drying process (like a pot or heavy plate), and let it drain until the surface feels dry.

Note that many cheeses are already salty, so balance your marinade with this in mind.

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Note that this is how you marinate tofu as well. – Bruce Alderson Oct 29 '10 at 20:35

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