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We had a large group over last night and so catered buffet style. However I have a lot of leftover dip - onion and garlic & sour cream and chive. Ideally I'd like to use it up quite quickly.

What can I use this in?

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  • Mix it with mashed potatoes and use it as a filling for pirogies.
  • Spread it on bread, top with cheese, and broil for a garlic-bread-like concoction (Hell, add garlic if you want as well, it can't hurt most of the time).
  • Thin it out with milk or whatnot and use it as salad dressing.
  • Mix with ground beef, noodles, cheese, and a tiny bit of milk for a hamburger helper-esque meal.
  • Make a broccoli casserole.

This site also has some good suggestions:

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I always make too much dip. Luckily recycling dips is easy:

  • Dips make great sandwich and burger spreads
  • Thin with milk and use as dressing
  • Freeze it with some chicken and use as marinade
  • Add it to meatballs or meatloaf
  • Add as the sauce to a casserole (a great magnet for leftovers)
  • Use as a pizza topping (pan-fried chicken, onions, peppers, and your dip)
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Just use it as extra tasty sour cream.

I'd add it to tacos/burritos, Chillis, even some curries

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I don't have a good answer, but I would try to make a salad dressing with the dips.

Otherwise, the dips are good for making sandwiches with Ham and Smoked Salmon.

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