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I've just made hollandaise sauce following Alton Brown method. I used only about 4 tablespoons and I have about 1 cup left.

Using google I found that I shouldn't put it on the fridge, doesn't freeze well and shouldn't be more than 4 hours without use. That leaves little margin.

Is there anything I can do?

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Not really. The sauce must be refrigerated but the butter will solidify when it cools. When you warm it up the sauce will break.

What I do is warm it very very gently in the microwave until it is liquid. Then reemulsify it into a single egg yolk. It costs an egg yolk but the sauce is good as new.

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I believe it was in the same episode of Good Eats -- a good thermos.

If my memory serves correctly, Alton used a vaccuum flask, and pre-heated it by putting in hot water, dumping it out, then adding the hollandaise to hold. (but I don't know how long it'd actually hold in there ... if it's a well-made flask, it's possible it could hold the temp for a long time, but it'd proabbly be in the 'food danger zone' temperature between 40F and 140F.)

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Yes, in that episode he mentions the thermo, but I was hoping for days instead of hours. –  Julio Nov 22 '10 at 12:23

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