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My brother has given me laver for making Korean kimbap and there are ten “foils” or “sheets” in the package.

I have only used four of them today and I don't know whether I should cool or not the remaining ones. In my opinion the fridge might be too humid and humidity might have sheets stick to each other…

Thank you for your advice.

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Just keep it dry. I buy 100 sheets packs and store them in a zip-loc type bag in the cupboard for over a year

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Thank you very much for your advice. – Benoit Dec 5 '10 at 21:28
Also, if your nori comes with a little desiccant packet (mine does) don't throw that out, store it in the zip-lock with them, it absorbs the moisture for you. – hobodave Dec 6 '10 at 0:10
Another tip: nori generally comes pre-toasted. You can give it a quick re-toast just before using. Just wave the sheet a few inches above a burner on your stove for a few seconds. Don't catch it on fire. That will remove any slight bit of moisture and improve the flavor. – Michael at Herbivoracious Dec 8 '10 at 17:09
Thank you, hobodave and Michael. – Benoit Dec 9 '10 at 21:00

If the laver is roasted and seasoned (with oil and salt) it will only last for a day or so after opening depending on heat (oil becomes rancid) and humidity (seawead loses crisp texture). If it is dried seaweed it will keep indefinitely, however I believe it develops a stale taste unless stored in a cool dark place.

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