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There is a caramel apple liqueur by Hiram walker that could work. It has a great apple flavor.


I don't think you'd need to increase the proportion. You could, but I'd probably advise against it mostly because of sobriety concerns. It's much easier to over-serve someone with a more potent cocktail than it is a milder one - especially after the first couple. This is kind of an interesting method, and I think the key to success is the gentle heating ...


No, salting or spraying alcohol on your vegetables will not help keep them fresh at all, in fact salting them would probably have the opposite effect. You are probably connecting the fact that salt is used as a preservative with keeping food fresh, but these are 2 different concepts. Keeping things fresh involves trying to keep a plant metabolizing as long ...


No, it won't help you at all. Your vegetables aren't being eaten by bacteria or similar (and this is a good thing, foods which are rendered unsafe by bacteria shouldn't be kept more than 4 hours at room temperature). They are simply wilting. There is no way to stop the wilting process. It is the plant cells dying off and stopping being able to "take care ...

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