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What I ended up doing was using 1/2 tsp of almond aroma and 1 tbsp of vodka. The taste was good, but I could have put much more vodka. I'll do that next time.


If you don't want to buy the alcohol but you have a good baking section in your local market or a nice baking shop, consider using the vodka for the alcohol content (just in case it does matter) and get the rum flavor using an extract. You would probably need about one teaspoon or so, depending on how strong you want the flavor to be. You may also want to ...


Rum used in tiramisu is mainly for flavor. It's not a fundamental ingredient that will completely change the outcome of the recipe. That being said if you wish, you can omit the rum without adding the vodka. The vodka will add nothing to the tiramisu recipe since vodka is made to be flavorless. As Jefromi mentioned in the comment, there are plenty of ...


The raw starch in the potatoes has first to be gelatinized by boiling ,to expose the starch grains to the action of the Amylases (literally means enzyme that breaks down complex starch molecules into glucose). The yeast cannot digest the starch directly.The glucose so produced is broken down to ethanol(alcohol) and carbon dioxide. This is the same process ...


Often referred to as "Honey Wine", mead is an alcohol made from fermentation of honey. The temperature of mead you want to drink is really variable. If your mead is lighter and dry, it is better to be chilled like white wines whereas the stronger ones can be served at any temperature. I loved it to be chilled.


Soapstone whiskey rocks are a thing of the past. There are much better whiskey stones out there that have a much better cooling power and have no taste. I love my whiskey, but I love it cool. I have tried whisky rocks made of soapstone and to tell you the truth, they are terrible. I have also tried the glass and granite ones and those also do not provide ...

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