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I work in a group home and alcohol is not allowed on the property at all. A beef stroganoff recipe that I wanted to try called for some red wine. I substituted some cherry juice from canned cherries with some apple cider vinegar. It turned out amazing!!!!!


What is the difference between just adding brandy to burning it with regard to taste? Time and theatric impact (flambe is often done table side in a restaurant) are the big difference. Flambe: very quick, almost instant reduction of alcohol texture/composition changes to dish are limited due to short process visually dramatic subtle changes in flavor ...


Is it the blender maybe? 100% I'm a huge fan of blended drinks, too, and I always want them to be ridiculously creamy, smooth, while being so thick you can eat them with a spoon. This is almost impossible to do with a cheap blender, and it's trivial to do with a good blender. I have both a Vitamix and a Blendtec, and they are both equivalent for this ...


We make vanilla extract all the time at home and gift it to our friends and family for the holidays. Personal we like rum and even brandy, but the classic vodka works just fine. We have tried a variety of beans Madagascar, Uganda and Tahitian but currently we really favor the bold cherry and smokey tones of an Indonesian Tahitian bean sold from a company ...

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