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While sugar can help to overpower bitter tastes with sweetness, salt actually reduces the perception of bitterness. It doesn't take very much: just a tiny pinch of salt can reduce the perception of bitterness in coffee. I'd try throwing in a pinch when you mix your drink.


EDIT: My original version of this answer came from my incomplete recollection of a chapter in Kevin Liu's Craft Cocktails at Home on flavor balancing. Now that I have the book in front of me again, I'm adding more relevant detail and revising the parts I got wrong. In all fairness, salient points are already covered in other answers, but I think the ...


The bitterness is caused by the tonic. The quinine. You can add simple syrup, but you're still going to have a quinine flavor. You want to use seltzer water instead. That provides the bubbles without quinine.


Add sugar, simple as that. You probably would want to make some simple syrup since straight up granulated sugar would be challenging to get dissolved in the cold drink. You might like the flavor of agave syrup or honey too.


I don't understand what you are trying to achieve here. Food, or at least vegetables, is spoiled by bacteria (sometimes also mould). Bacteria need quite a few factors to maintain homeostasis and live. They can't live if 1) a toxin is present, or 2) their living conditions are not met. When you preserve food, you remove one of the conditions bacteria need ...


I never heard/read that using alcohol would help?! I've seen it used mostly for fruits. Salt is used (and has been used) to keep meat and fish for a long time , but I never heard about using it for vegetables; Me think it would not really change anything on the long run; but when using the dried vegetables for a recipe, you will need to be extra careful ...

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