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Often referred to as "Honey Wine", mead is an alcohol made from fermentation of honey. The temperature of mead you want to drink is really variable. If your mead is lighter and dry, it is better to be chilled like white wines whereas the stronger ones can be served at any temperature. I loved it to be chilled.


Soapstone whiskey rocks are a thing of the past. There are much better whiskey stones out there that have a much better cooling power and have no taste. I love my whiskey, but I love it cool. I have tried whisky rocks made of soapstone and to tell you the truth, they are terrible. I have also tried the glass and granite ones and those also do not provide ...


Yes. That's why the smell of baking bread is so intoxicating/addictive; the airborne trace alcohol goes straight through the mucus membranes in your nose into your bloodstream to your brain - think sniffing aerosolized vodka.... In some countries commercial bakeries have been required to filter the output of their air handlers to prevent "contamination" of ...

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