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Because glass can break easily during shaking, I prefer upcycling one-way plastic bottles with a wide neck: filling is easy, even ice cubes can be filled in. Once you're done with shaking, dispose the bottle. Specifically, I'm talking about these bottles: There's always one available that is empty or at least almost empty and ready for upcycling! For ...


I use a workout shaker. It is the same one that you use to mix your protein shakes with, they have the little springy ball. It works well for me.


Durian has the tag of "smells like hell, tastes like heaven". Most hotels in south east Asia will not allow you to bring the fruit into the hotel and there is a fine if you do. The fruit juice street vendors in Siem Reap Cambodia just mix the fruit with tinned sweetened milk, water and ice cubes and make a smoothie at a cost of US$1. So for a cocktail you ...


2 oz Silver Tequila, 1 oz Orange Liquer, 1 oz Lime Juice, .5 - 1 tblsp agave nectar


A common practise in some French islands is to macerate fruits, spices and sugar in rum for some time, and then to filter them, in order to make a flavoured, strong, very tasty drink called "Rhum arrangé". This process might be too long for you, but you could consider it for making a Calvados substitute to use in a few months (usually 2 or 3 at least for ...


I was able to find a 50ml bottle at Bevmo for $6.99. That will give you 6 portions. Very affordable. I have also seen Calvados at one Trader Joes (in northern CA), but not all stores carry it. I think it was around $20 for a tall bottle probably 375 ml. Hope you get this. Good luck!

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