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Does cooking a lobster alive alter the flavor/texture? No, not really. Is there any truth to the claims that lobsters don't feel pain? Absolutely not. They feel pain just like you do. Does killing a lobster before cooking alter the flavor/texture? Nope. Are there other ways to kill a lobster so it doesn't suffer the horrible pain of being boiled ...


Theres a reason why people add alcohol to bake bread or cake, so that it could have a long lasting half life for it to stay long enough to avoid spoilage of the baked desired product. So either heat or not, there is always little quantity of alcohol left in it after baking has taking it proccess...


1 tbsp rum extract Found this substitute in a French Apple Cake recipe on Yummly that specifically stated it was used instead of the Calvados.


Just add more ice. I was a bartender for years. Don't use guar gum. If it's too soupy then add more ice a few cubes at a time. I use blenders and have never used a margaritaVille mixer so that might be the issue. If you take a pint glass and fill it heaping with ice put it in the blender. Then add 2 ounces of tequila and 1 Oz of triple sec, or ...

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