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The optimum amount of time depends on what you want to achieve: If you aim for alcohol-infused fruit, you should be fine with a short time. The taste of the fruit will start to change after only a few hours (think of soaking fruit for a punch), from then the extraction of fruit flavours into the alcohol continues. For this approach, choose a liquor that ...


In my experience, there are many factors at play. Proof Higher-proof results in faster infusion. I once did strawberries in 150 proof vodka with sugar and it was intensely infused within weeks, and never really dramatically changed after that. However, you may need to dilute the product substantially to get something drinkable. (I almost always used the ...


I adequate a batch today with a 5th of Smirnoff vanilla infused vodka and 3 Tbls of Meyers rum and 6 vanilla beans (I scrappedal the seeds into the bottle before adding the bean pods) as it gives better results for custards and cakes later. I added a little simple syrup for body. Now the wait of approx 4 months till I can use and gift it.


I have tried many recipes that contained rum and I substituted it with a concentrated mixture of orange and lemon juice and the result was quite good. The mixture is made by boiling the juices and allowing it to reduce (shed off some moisture via evaporation).


It sounds like your friend is using both acid and tannins in his marinade, a good combination. An acidic marinade does tenderize meat when left in for 2 hours or less. If left in the marinade longer than that, acids will toughen the meat rather than tenderize it. Enzyme and tannin based marinades work better long term. Red wine tends to have a good tannin ...


I use Regina Red Wine Vinegar or the Regina White Wine Vinegar and Maruchan Seasoned Rice Vinegar. Even though I use red wine vinegar, I don't think it qualifies as "wine". There are also other brands of red and white wine vinegars, you can use in the vinegar section.

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