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The "big chain" type certainly exists basically everywhere by now. There is a reason why the Big Mac Index is suitable as an economic indicator: you can calculate it for almost all countries in the world, because you can buy a Big Mac in almost all countries in the world. A second type of "American restaurant" is much harder to find. It is the kind of ...


I have to mention "Hard Rock Cafe", "Planet Hollywood", and other movie/music themed restaurants that pay homage to this particular aspect of America. There seem to be at least one of these in each major city. There were smaller, less chain operations that did this at one point but the ones that I visited years ago have all apparently closed. An ...


I actually know a couple in continental Europe - cowboy/Texas themed, serving large steaks. There are also some American-inspired burger restaurants - proper ones, not McDonalds.


As others have mentioned, American owned restaurants are prevalent around the world, though the exact menu they serve in different countries varies based on local cuisine and preferences. While traveling abroad, I have encountered "American Inspired" sections on a menu. While not a full fledged restaurant, it was a unique look at how the rest of our ...


I have no clue what a "bacon roll" is... and if I had to imagine what it is, it would not be what you got. My mental image was a "sausage roll" but with bacon. A sausage roll is like a pinwheel or "cinnamon roll" but with savory biscuit dough (American biscuit) and ground sausage meat: (Image from here) So, a "bacon roll" in my head is the same thing ...


But of course. Why would there not be? There are McDonald's in almost every country around the world... along with many other American chain restaurants including Chili's, KFC, Subway, and many others... In fact, all of the 12 top world food chains are American based. Cool image from this foodbeast article:


As per @Joes comment, the "roll" was most likely referring to an omelette. If you perform a Google search for rolled eggs and look at the images, you will see rolled omelettes. Apparently, this diner used the term "roll" as such. Here is one image of rolled eggs: The side dish you had was most likely a regional version of home fries: What you ...


What was the name of the place you went so I can avoid ever going there? ;-) The food you described is NOT normal for any decent NY diner. It isn't even normal for Denny's (which is a chain-restaurant approximation of a diner). I really do think what you were served as a side was a very poor specimen of home fries. Home fries are a common side for any egg ...


We go to an amazing deep Southern place in Brisbane (Australia), but not sure if we'd refer to it as American food, maybe Southern food though.


I was a butcher for 8 years in a grocery store. if you are not buying the animal for a speciality shop you are getting feed lot beef from a packing plant. If you are at a restaurant and they say they're serving Angus beef or Black Angus or Red Angus you ask him to prove it then I guarantee you that they can't.

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