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Don't use a stick, keep the stem of the apple and use that and a spoon to dip the apple in the carmel and chocolate. The apple will have a longer shelf life.


What sort of dish are you using to bake the apples/crumble in? Is it possible that the bitterness is caused by metallic or other leaching from the baking dish into the fruit? This might explain why it gets a little stronger for the second serving, because it has had a little more time in contact with the fruit in particular. Just a thought.


I've noticed this with stewed apples as well. The texture changes as it cools but also an aftertaste develops. I assumed it was something to do with pectin. It's usually better when reheating in the oven though? I changed how I do crumbles in the last few years. I now make a compote with apples and say blackberries and initially cook he crumble separately. ...


It may be that the specific flavour has a compounding effect, in the same way that spciy heat (capsaicin) does. The first bite is great, the second one is more sour, and by the second portion it is the only thing you can taste. It happens because of the way the mouth's flavour sensors react to certain flavour compounds, but I don't know enough to explain ...

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