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For homebrewers; (making hard cider or even regular) pectic enzyme and pectin for long term clearing irish moss citric acid usually you will re-rack at least 2 times; if not 3; this means moving from one fermenter to another. You can "polish" with a filter systems; but these are very pricey are not easy to use. Any homebrew shop will carry the supplies ...


(after reading this: http://www.ncbe.reading.ac.uk/ncbe/protocols/inajam/pdf/jam01.pdf) They usually use pectinase (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pectinase) to break down pectin molecules to help mechanical filtration. They also use gelatins to help clump up particules to help mechanical filtering.


Baking powder cannot be used as a substitute for cream of tartar. Cream of tartar is used in recipes as a dry acid. Baking powder has cream of tartar added to leavening agents that have a basic pH. Thus baking powder as a whole is not acidic.

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