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It will keep until it doesn't. Eventually it will spoil, but because sake is considerably above the magic number for alcohol concentration to be self preserving when sealed (>12.3% alcohol by volume), so long as you don't let any alcohol tolerant microbes into the bottle, then it will be fine. Smell it first,'if it smells earthy, throw it out, if it smells ...


I am going to make the same Korean Beef bowl tonight. My sesame oil is rancid so I am tossing and going without tonight. I am going to try substituting 1/2 tbsp. of peanut butter and olive oil for the sesame oil and to add to the flavor profile I will serve it over jasmine rice. I will report back. Wish me luck with my picky eater :)


Unless contaminated by, say, drinking straight out of the bottle, it will likely be safe to consume, but it will probably have deteriorated in quality. Sake which is no longer appealing to drink may be suitable for use in cooking; if you're not accustomed to cooking with sake, consider something simple, like potatoes simmered with a modest amount of water, ...

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