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Bacon cooks to safe very quickly. Once it's opaque it is safe to eat. Raw bacon is itself pretty low risk, provided it has been properly cured. Even if it wasn't cooked through, you are unlikely to come to harm.


In order to get crispy bacon you need to start with the right type. In the USA what most people consider bacon is from the belly, whereas in other parts of the world bacon is from the loin. You can get this in the states as Canadian bacon. You can't make loin bacon crispy and believe me I've tried. However you can get belly bacon most places (presuming bacon ...


A few things occur to me: Fat content is significantly different between chuck and bacon. Chuck is generally about 15-25% fat (depending on the cut); bacon is often more than 50% fat. The cuts are not equivalent. Chuck is from the shoulder of beef; bacon is usually made from the belly or side. The muscles thus receive very different amounts of work and ...


If the white solid is on top, and the gelatin below, it's just an issue that it's not all fat -- you have meat juices in there, too, which can turn to jelly. If you're trying to store it for a longer-term, you'll want to strain it, then let it cool. Lift off the solid white portion, scrape any jelly stuck to the bottom, then heat back up the oil. Bring ...

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