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Trichinella only infects about 8 people a year in the U.S., and almost all cases are from people eating under cooked wild boar. Farm raised pork in the U.S. is virtually trichinella free, which is why the FDA has lowered the temperature from pork cooking recommendation from 160 degrees to 145, or medium, with a three-minute rest. Pork no longer needs to be ...


Pancetta from what i have been shown how to make is nothing like bacon. ours is cured where bacon is not. Also after 9 months of curing it does not need to be cooked. We don't roll ours. we leave the ribs in for the curing process and clean it up after when we are ready to eat it. It has so much flavor on its own aswell with a piece of bread is amazing.


It believe is more a question of temperature than technique. Low and slow typically renders more fat. When I want a maximum amount of fat rendered out I place thinly sliced bacon in a pan and cover with cold water. I then place over medium-high until the water has evaporated and then some depending on how crispy I want the bacon to be.

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