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I have used bacon grease my whole life. I keep it in a pickle jar that has been washed well. I let the grease cool about ten mins then put a funnel lined with a coffee filter in the jar and for it in and top with the lid. I never put it in the frig. Sometimes its weeks before I use it again and I have never had a problem. Neither did my mom or grandma.


I use a pair of scissors. This is clearly the most underrated kitchen utensil. I've written an article about my top five - scroll to the bottom to see the scissors. One huge advantage is that you can do it straight onto the frying pan leaving only the scissors and your fingers for cleaning :-)


You could use the smoked salt, but it would not impart that much smoked flavor and would be quite expensive compared to normal kosher salt. Since most wet-cured bacon available at the grocery store is flavored with liquid smoke, an easy alternative would be to rub the belly with liquid smoke prior to roasting as described at The Splendid Table. As a side ...


I love chewy bacon, so long as the fat is fully cooked. Cooked right, the fat will crisp up, with the meat still chewy. I find that cooking with a low heat works best, allow time for the fat to slowly render. I also found that if I am making large quantities, I might cook the bacon 90% of the way in a pan and placing the bacon in the oven. I keep the ...

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