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You say: Also I have an electric mixer in which I usually whisk eggs for a cake. Why not use it? There's nothing special about an electric egg beater, really. You'll find it much less strenuous than hand-whisking, even if it's a hand mixer rather than a stand mixer.


I am not familiar with your specific recipe, but I usually use yeast in bread or pizza dough. You can use dried and fresh yeast, either works for me. You need to let it rise for an hour or so when you prepared the dough. You could put it all mixed together in a bowl and put that in warm water. That will speed up the rising process.


This is difficult without knowing what sort of oven you have but here are some basic notes that will help you get started. Many modern ovens will alert you to when they are at temperature. Every oven is different. My oven takes about 5 minutes to preheat but my dad's takes about 10. If your oven doesn't have an alert, - and, honestly, even if it does - ...


Well, by far the "lowest and slowest" technique out there is sous vide. (Basically, cooking in a precisely controlled temperature water bath.) The typical way to do this involves three steps: Marinate, rub, and/or smoke your meat (optional). Smoking is often preferred since the meat won't go on a grill for a long time, and it helps get that rich flavor ...

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