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The reason that your basting sauce flopped was the recipe was calling for an emulision (basically, a vinegrette) and by leaving out the vinegar you are changing the one of the basic building blocks of the dish. The sauce will require that you add the fats to the mustard as it will clump as experienced if you don't. The mustard in the original recipe is ...


I generally put garlic, rosemary, and thyme in the pan for a roast. As the meat juices and butter flow into the pan, they make a wonderful infusion of flavour that is well worth bathing the roast in. I'm all for it - I feel the roasts I've made and basted are better than the ones I didn't baste. That said, I haven't done any double-blind studies.


This article claims both, as well as giving it an "attractive appearance." However, there are alternatives to basting that achieve this. I don't ever recall my mum basting a beef roast. Instead she sears the outsides using a couple methods. Sometimes she'll toss it around in some hot oil in a dutch oven to lightly brown the outsides, then roast it ...


The only thing I have ever found basting a roast does is increase the time it takes my food to cook because I keep opening the oven door. I don't buy that it helps with flavor or moisture.


I generally find that basting while grilling is less about keeping the internal meat moist and more about preventing outside from scorching. If you've brined and injected the turkey breast, I'd say you are fine as long as the exterior isn't browning too quickly.


Try a 'Beer Can Chicken' stand. Use an empty (or not) beer (or soda) can to hold your basting liquid and properly place the chicken on the holder (as pictured) and put that on the grill. As the chicken cooks your basting liquid will steam your chicken to a wonderful effect. IF you keep your lid down the steam will have the effect of continuously basting ...


A turkey breast of that size will cook fairly quickly. With a brine and injection, there is no need to baste it. Even without brining and injecting, I would still question the need. However, you might want to brush it with butter near the end of cooking, when you're about 5-10f from your target temperature, as you may end up wanting more browning.

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