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I would suggest that you invest in an oven thermometer to make sure it is maintaining the correct temperature in cold weather as opposed to warm. A cake baked at too low a temperature will often not rise properly and be hard.


@rumtscho provides some excellent and very useful information. I would definitely suggest incorporating his methods/techniques into your cake making. However, I looked at this from another angle. If your cake turns out to your liking in warmer weather and you only experience the issue during colder weather, humidity may be the culprit. Where I live, in ...


The temperature of the ingredients is very important when making cake. You will have problems if you start from cold ingredients. I'm afraid that there are no good solutions if you don't have a warm room, all work arounds are quite laborious. Microwaving the butter is not a good solution. It is a very uneven method of heating. You always end up with ...


To make it ferment better, add a little bit of commercial yeast to the batter.


The key thing here is a substance called Lecithin and it is found in your Incredible, Edible Egg! Doing the adding of the egg one-by-one, plus a few other things are... in the service of creating a stable emulsion of liquid and fat in the batter. When this is done correctly, the cake will have a springy, even crumb, great flavor, and light texture. If ...

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