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I cook whole salmon fillets on the grill once per week during the summer. This technique works for me: Pre-heat the grill to at least 400F. Prepare the fillet(s) with skin on by seasoning and slathering with oil on the flesh and skin. Once the grill is hot, clean the grill well with a wire brush. Oil the grill surface by saturating a paper towel with oil ...


Generously spray PAM With Flour for Baking on grates. First time using it today and they were almost hard to keep from sliding off my smoker grill.


You may be able to use the gas grill for "low & slow" BBQ, although it wouldn't be ideal. You'd need someplace to put the wood chips to make the smoke, and I assume, as does your grill manufacturer, that the grill is located in a well-ventilated area. The grill would need to be set low, and you would absolutely have to make sure that you had a ...

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