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Generally for indirect heat on a grill, you have the heat source on at one half or one third of the grill, depending on the size and the other side is the indirect heat area. The effect only works when the cover of the grill is down.


Not really. Cooking something for 30 more minutes after cooking it for 30 minutes isn't going to change the flavors much more than they already had. After 30 minutes at a given temperature, most of the chemical reactions that are going to occur in your food will have occurred already. The one caveat to this is if the original cooking temperature is much ...


You cannot find the correct final internal temperature for a whole duck, because it doesn't exist. If you stop the cooking when the white meat is tender, you'll have very tough red meat. If you cook until the collagen is melted, you'll get very tough white meat. With whole birds, it is more popular to go the collagen route. Especially a duck, with its ...

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