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Just omit the mustard. In just about every recipe I have seen for beans, it is proportionally a very small component. And while we tend to think of mustard as being bold in flavor, it's really the vinegar that makes it seem that way. You should also stray from any recipes that call for store bought barbecue sauces, as many will contain mustard. Finalky, ...


1) A "market" size pig, i.e. one they cut up and sell in pieces at the grocery store is much bigger---(250 lbs or so) than a 90 lb. "roaster." Cooking time depends on the largest cut, so a shoulder from a market pig will be larger than the shoulder from a roaster, thus taking longer to cook; 2) 25 degrees does make a very big difference in cooking--yes, ...


When you're grilling food at high temperatures on a barbeque most of the smoke comes from fat that strikes the hot surface of the coals/vapourizer. It's only when you're slowly barbequing food, cooking it at cool temperatures, that the difference becomes important. With a gas or electric barbeque you'll need to add a source of smoke (eg. wood in a smoker ...


If you see this recipe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9Fzpi99tlk - When cooked in oven he is using two deck plates. Chicken is on top and underneath there is some water. I agree that Tandoor cooked in conventional oven without water plate will be very dry.

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