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I use a hard metal spoon to scrape as much as I can, then use a wire scrubber with a cleanser like Comet. And it can take many repeated scrubbings, so let the pot go and get to it here and there. Never cook beans in a pot you use every day! Good luck to you! PS: If you burn your beans and they taste funky, try stirring in a big spoon of peanut butter. It ...


You can either add a lot of vinegar (to get above the problem area) -- or you can try to displace the vinegar so you don't need as much. Find a smaller pot and fill it with water and set it in the center of the pot to clean, and then pour vinegar between the two pots (or pot & item). Although I said 'fill it with water', you only really need a little ...


In my experience, bagged dry beans (such as Goya brand) tend to require less cleaning than ones purchased in the open, bulk bins at grocery stores. However, you should still carefully wash them and search for rocks regardless.


I always soak beans because I don't like having to steam up the kitchen or leave them cooking for a long time. this question has a great table for soaking times. It seems like salt or no salt really only has to do with your personal preference, but I never do it because you can always add salt after, but you can never take it away. Because I never sort ...

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