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How many basic types of beans are there There are hundreds of different bean cultivars. Some countries sell predominantly 2-3 types of bean in the supermarket, but which type is sold varies from country to country. If you are eating beans from a farmer's market, all bets are off. How do you distinguish them There are reference books for ...


Soaking loosens embedded dirt and meldew. I soak beans for 6 hours then thoroughly rinse. I'm picky when in comes to food and I don't want any black stuff on my white beans.


Welcome. According to the excerpt below from this page , kidney beans are an acceptable substitute. azuki bean = adzuki bean = Tiensin red bean = aduki bean = asuki bean = field pea = red Oriental bean = feijao bean = red chori Equivalents: 1 cup dried yields 3 cups cooked beans Pronunciation: a-ZOO-kee Notes: The Japanese use these small red ...


No, azuki beans are very different in texture and flavor from kidney beans, you won't be able to use them as a substitute.

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