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Regarding, some stewing beef for stews, pies etc. An old lady told me when stewing beef add one tablespoon of malt vinegar into the stock you are going to prepare. You will never have tough beef again, she was so right. I'm 80 now, and I've never have chewy steak. It doesn't smell or taste, when the food is ready.


Throw out. Raw meat should not be kept at room temperature for more than 2 hours.


When you cook the meat in a closed dish then lots of liquid comes out. I have trouble understanding how flavour can enter the meat when cooking is extracting the liquid. Injecting the meat with a flavour (herbs etc) seems likely to be the only way of getting flavour in (unless you consider vacuum extracting moisture and then adding it back with flavour ...


I hate to waste food and I always have too much liver. I use beef broth or bouillon so the liver does not dry out or get tough. To reheat: Slice up fresh onions if you don't have enough left over onion. Slice cooked liver on the diagonal into 1/2" thick strips. In saucepan, make up enough beef broth or bouillon to completely cover liver in pan (about 3 ...

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